Weekly Wishes

   Ahhh another week has flown by and it is time for Weekly Wishes!  For the newbies, Weekly Wishes is a linkup (so please join in) where you make a list of goals/wishes that you would like to achieve that week/month.  The linkup button is at the bottom of this post so please join in the fun and get some stuff done!

Last Week:

~ Work on growing my social media and blog reach.  This last week I started connecting with other mom bloggers and it has been amazing.  They have really inspired me to work on my own blog!  I started Twitter a couple weeks ago (follow me @Small_Town_Mama) so I am also getting the hang of that.
This is going well!  This is something that won't be considered finished since it is an ongoing thing, but I am really happy with the growth this week.  I also have a few ideas for growing even more!

~ Grow my content.  I have done lots of reviews (which I love so they aren't going anywhere) and I would like to expand on some other types posts.  I have a few ideas started so stay tuned for that!

You may have noticed that I did start on this as well.  I think it really went over well, I have had a lots of compliments on the teething post.  In good news I have several more posts in the works for this week.

~ Find our staple gun and finish that chair!

Confession time, I didn't even attempt to find the staple gun.  

~I have a crafty project for a baby game I would like to get done.  If it turns out I will share it ;).

This is not done (or even started), however I did find the rest of the materials I needed so not a total fail!

~ Figure out a day and go to the zoo!  My mom and dad want to take us and my nephews to the zoo, so we need to set a date (hopefully this coming weekend).
We have set a date, next Saturday is now officially Zoo Day!  Since we were not able to go to the zoo this week I took Amelia to the Children's Museum.  It was so much fun and I will definitely have a post coming from that!

This Week:

~ Join IBA (International Bloggers Association).  I have been pondering this and I have recently talk to a few ladies who highly recommended it so this is the week!

~ Finish some posts!  I have so many fun ideas and I keep starting posts, but this week I need to finish a few :)

~ Make the baby game from last week.

~Go to the zoo, take lots of pictures, and have lots of fun!

Here are my goals for the week, thanks for following along!  What are your weekly wishes?

                                                   The Nectar Collective


  1. Great goals! It has been ages since I have been to the zoo and they are so much fun. Like you I have lots of blog posts I need to finish, I have always wanted to be one of those bloggers who has posts written in advance but I never seem to manage it! Good luck with your goals. x

    1. Yeah I am not that on the ball either. I am super excited for the zoo though plus I just found out it is also the fair this week!

  2. One wish I have is to be more disciplined with exercise. Great list! Thanks for inspiring!

    1. I had that on my list for weeks and I got tired of not keeping up with it. Hopefully when I get my new fitbit I will be motivated to keep it up. Good luck!