Weekly Wishes

     For those who are new here, Weekly Wishes is a linkup for setting goals to complete that week/month.  You can make any goals you wish and then click the linkup button at the bottom to join in the fun!  It is wonderful to have a community of supportive ladies to inspire you to get them done!

Last Week:

~ Recover the seat of my little kid's rocking chair.  I finally have the fabric so it is time to get it done!
This is not done.  Not because I didn't try but because I cannot find our staple gun.  Starting to wonder if I should just get a new one (of course then I would find the other).

~ Get my wedding ring put on our homeowner's insurance (I know this should have been done over three years ago).

~ Work on clearing out my crafty room again.  I had previously made so much progress here but with Kmart closing and target clearance I have gotten lots of birthday and Christmas gifts which are now taking over the room!  All of this needs to be sorted and find a home that is more out of the way.
I really have made tons of progress on this.  It is not spotless or completely organized but it is on the right track now!

~ Work on getting some more reviews and giveaways set up. Currently I have a Julep giveaway going on (enter here), plus two more coming soon (they are going to be awesome!). 
This gal has been working hard, I have a few reviews set up for this week as well as a giveaway started!  Now depending on the mail I should have more on the way for next week!

~ Start a core workout.  I have put this on the list before, but I have yet to DO it!  I am getting quite a few miles of walking in each week but that does not help build up my core.
Ummmm no I didn't do this.  Maybe I was meant to be a little squishy around the middle ;).

This week:

~ Work on growing my social media and blog reach.  This last week I started connecting with other mom bloggers and it has been amazing.  They have really inspired me to work on my own blog!  I started Twitter a couple weeks ago (follow me @Small_Town_Mama) so I am also getting the hang of that.

~ Grow my content.  I have done lots of reviews (which I love so they aren't going anywhere) and I would like to expand on some other types posts.  I have a few ideas started so stay tuned for that!

~ Find our staple gun and finish that chair!

~I have a crafty project for a baby game I would like to get done.  If it turns out I will share it ;).

~ Figure out a day and go to the zoo!  My mom and dad want to take us and my nephews to the zoo, so we need to set a date (hopefully this coming weekend).

Those are my goals this week.  What are yours?

The Nectar Collective


  1. You sound an awful lot like myself! It's amazing how these task stack up, but your doing it!!! From a fellow Momma to another - sounds like you're doing awesome getting things done! Great job!!! :)

    1. Thanks! Some weeks I get a lot done and others...not so much. Have a great week!

  2. I love it. I am going to start doing this.... we have a whiteboard just hanging out at home and this would be perfect to do at the beginning of the week. Wish # 1-take a shower by myself!! (without the kiddos stopping in!!) ;)

    1. Awesome, I hope you join in! Good luck getting your shower lol, might be easier said than done!

  3. This is such a great idea! I think I might like doing one of these weekly...maybe on the weekend...

    I'm so glad you joined the FB group! :D It's been lovely getting to know everyone.

    By the way, your blog is beautiful and I really like your writing style (from the teething post I read today) :) I would like very much if you'd consider writing a guest post to be published on my blog. If you're interested, send me an email and we can discuss the details! atlantamomofthree@yahoo.com Thanks

    ~ Valerie

    1. Aww thank you, it has been wonderful getting to know everyone! You should join the linkup, it is really helpful to spell out what you want to accomplish that week! I will be getting in touch.