Petit Vour Review May 2014

     I was super excited to see that my May Petit Vour box arrived, I wasn't expecting it for a couple days yet!  For anyone who is not familiar Petit Vour is a monthly beauty subscription box who sends sample and full sized cruelty free and vegan products.  This is my third month and I have to say I have been very impressed so far, they have sent some seriously amazing products!  Anyways I am sure you are wanting to see what was inside this month...

Right away there was a couple things I was pretty excited to see and there are two FULL sized items which is always great.

This is the information card included in the box.  I always appreciate the descriptions of each item and it also includes the prices of the full sized items.

Deep Steep Hand Cream ($10) -  Alright I was super excited to see this in the box!  I love hand creams and I have already used this a couple times.  It smells great and really sinks into my hands and doesn't leave them greasy, I would totally get this again.

Harvey Prince Hello Fragrance ($3ish?) - The only bad thing about this fragrance is that it isn't bigger!  I LOVE this scent, definitely my favorite thing in the box.  It looks like I will be buying this, seriously it is awesome!  (I liked the Prince Harvey scent from last month but this is even better.)

Paula's Choice Resist C15 Super Booster ($7.50) - Well I have not tried this yet but it claims to be the ultimate skin savior.  It is supposed to make your skin bright, tight, and smooth which all sounds like good things!

Aromi Lippie ($15) - It is fantastic that they included a full sized lip gloss but this is not my color.  I am pretty neutral when it comes to makeup so this bright purple isn't going to happen.  I will however find it a good home with someone who will wear it.  It says it is handcrafted from scratch with only the finest materials so I would love to try another color from this brand eventually.

     Once again I was not disappointed with my Petit Vour this month.  All totaled up this months retail value is $35.50.  Petit Vour is $15 a month so it is a great value.  My boxes have always been well over the purchase price and I have really found some awesome products I would not have tried otherwise.  I am really lovin this box and I can't wait t see what will come next month!

Disclosure - This box was bought on my own and I was not compensated for my review.  As always opinions are 100% my own

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