Vollie Austin Toffee Review + Giveaway

  When  Vollie Austin kindly offered to send me a can of toffee to review and the chance to host a giveaway for my readers I jumped at the chance!  Anyone who knows me, knows I have quite the sweet tooth so I was looking forward to getting this little treat in the mail.  Vollie Austin is a family owned company out of Oregon who hand makes small batches of toffee.  They are using their grandfather's family recipe and only the freshest local ingredients.  

Since he started he is still making the same original recipe his grandfather taught him.  The only thing to change is he has added three new flavors!

I love that they do not use any additives, preservatives, or anything I can't pronounce in the toffee.  The ingredient list is simple so you know what you are getting.  This review is for their original flavor although they also have Coffee Almond, Oregon Hazelnut, and No Nut Vanilla Bean.  Since the original is the flavor his grandfather taught him I wanted to give it a try (though the others sound just as good!).  
Alright I am sure your mouth is watering by now looking at this picture!  Now I always like toffee but hate how badly it gets stuck in my teeth.  It makes me worry I might lose a filling.  This toffee is quite different!  At first bite I was hooked, it had the toffee crunch but quickly melted away.  It's buttery flavor mixed with the almonds and chocolate is scrumptious and had me coming back for more.  In fact it was hard not to eat the whole can at once!  I would highly recommend this toffee and will definitely be purchasing more.  This toffee can be purchased online at http://www.vollieaustintoffee.com.  It comes in four flavors (Original, Coffee Almond, No Nut Vanilla Bean and Oregon Hazelnut) and three sizes (5oz, 12oz, 16oz).  You can also buy sampler packs to try all four flavors.  I suggest buying the 16 oz because it was that good.  I had the 12 oz can and I am already wishing I had more!

Now for the exciting part, Vollie Austin has kindly agreed to send the winner of our giveaway a tin of toffee in the flavor of their choice!!!
All you have to do is enter in the raffle copter below :-)

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