Untoxicating Beauty Review March 2014

      Untoxicating Beauty is a new monthly subscription box that's delivers organic, eco friendly, and non toxic beauty products from boutique brands.  This is their third month and only my second box (I missed the first one but it looked really good).  They have switched their shipping to the end of the month and this month my box didn't ship until March 31, so I didn't receive my March box until April 5th.  They said it was because of the way their billing is set up so I am hoping they fix that and ship sooner next time (I am not the most patient person ;)).  The up side is I don't have many boxes in the beginning of the month so it is kind of nice that way.  Anyways enough about shipping and onto the good stuff!
My first thought was my box looked pretty full!  This is the only beauty box I have received that sends several products from one brand each month.  There was a mix of samples and full sized products this month and each came with a description and ingredient list.

Their information cards are great.  It always tells a bit about the company and the products in the box.    
Janecka Blush ($28) - I received this blush in rhodonite and it is full size.  This should go on lightly for a natural look.  I don't normally use blush but at least with this being a mineral one I could put it on really lightly.  As far as blushes go this is a nice color so I may have to try it out.

Janecka Lip Color ($14) - This is a full sized lip color in Plum Agate that is said to provide beautiful color while moisturizing lips.  I am not a fan of this color so I will be passing this on to someone who will love it.  I don't use much for lip colors, I tend to go pretty natural usually using chapsticks.
Janecka Face Cream ($2?) - The sample didn't have a size so I am not sure if this price is even close because I just guessed.  I love face creams so I was excited to give this a try and I really love that I recognize all the ingredients!  It is nice to know there is nothing iffy in it.
Janecka Lip Bloom ($10) - While this doesn't say full sized on the card it certainly appears to be a full sized lip bloom.  Once again I am not sure about the color.  I suppose it might go on more sheer than it appears...  The lip blooms are a moisturizer that also acts as a sunscreen for your lips with a touch of color.  Sounds like a good idea for the summer, I often forget about sun protectant for my lips.

Janecka Eye Cream ($2) -  This sample of eye cream is supposed to help restore elasticity, even skin tone, and stimulate new cell growth.   I need to remember to use eye creams more often so this will be nice to have around (plus samples like this are the perfect size for traveling). 
Raw Cocoa Butter ($1) - This little heart is raw cocoa butter which is fantastic for your skin.  It melts at skin temperature so you can warm it up and use like lotion.

Shea & Cocoa Body Butter ($2) - This body butter is supposed to even skin tone and return luster to your skin.  You can also use it as a hair mask which might be what I do with it.  

    This month's Untoxicating Beauty box had a retail value of $59.  The box costs $35 a month with free shipping so it was definitely a great value!  While I enjoyed trying these products from Janecka this month I think last months box was my favorite so far.  While these products are nice the blush and lip colors just weren't my thing and they made up the majority of the value for the box.  The products I have tried are nice though and I like the variety sent!  I am excited to see what comes next month and if you are interested in trying Untoxicating Beauty you can get $10 off you first box by using my links (they are all in blue).

Disclosure - I received this box at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.  I received no monetary compensation and as always opinions are 100% my own.

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