Week 16 - Standing Up

This week we were not feeling so hot around here :(  I didn't get my camera out as much as I should have (only one time).  Next week I am going to try to do better!  Anyways, despite her cold she was busy as ever.  She is always getting into stuff and standing.  This also comes with quite a few falls and is starting to result in a few bruises.  I am guessing there will be even more bruises in our future with my daring little girl!

"Look ma, no hands!"

This is her favorite new game (second only to unfolding her laundry from the basket as I fold).  I put her toys on top of her toy box and she gets them down. 

Oh just some more standing...

Can't take her eyes off the tv but can't stop playing either.

So much concentration.

Well thats it for this week.  Hopefully next week I will get more chances (or make more of an effort) to use my camera.  I am really loving my flash for these indoor pictures.  I am definitely getting the hang of it and it really helps with the backlighting in my living room.  Maybe soon the weather will warm up a bit and we can get outside?  

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