Thursday Thoughts

I am linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts this week!

~ I have been on a mission to get Little Miss some shoes since she is almost walking.  What I have been finding though is it is hard to find a shoe for her chubby little feet.  Our local shoe store is ordering a pair that we are hoping will work out!  They even have the non slip soles, which will be nice with our wood floors.

~ My fun bites arrived today!  Or I guess Amelia's funbites...  I haven't decided if these will be for her Easter basket or for her Birthday. Since she is eating food now these are going to be so much fun :-). Plus as a bonus I got these for free from Plum District (they had the three for free on these).

~ Aren't these so super cute for her Easter basket!  I found these at Shopko and I even got them on sale.  Amelia LOVES books so she is going to be so happy!  I suppose I should also get an actual basket one of these days too ;)

~ If you haven't tried this you should go to the store and get some!  It is sooo good, you won't regret it.

~ Today I got some free samples in the mail!  I joined a new sample website called Tryml.  You can pick out a set number of samples or try before you buy trials each month (as your rank grows you get more samples).  Best part is all the products are natural and Eco friendly!  I am so excited to test my samples out later.

~ So I went to Walmart today and when I came out this is how someone parked.  I was not thrilled that they ran into my car and luckily it doesn't appear to be damaged.  Seriously can't people learn to drive!

~ I am enjoying this warmer weather we are having today.   It is 57 degrees and sunny!  Almost all of our snow is melted now and starting to feel like spring, now hopefully it stays this way.  Amelia and I got so much done today.  We had brunch, went to the post office, the shoe store, the bike shop (looking at bike trailers for kids), stopped into our new men's store, and the scrap booking store.  I love feeling like I got a lot accomplished.  The only problem is I have so much more I need to do I kinda wish I had gotten more done (most of that is spring cleaning in the house and I always seem to procrastinate that).

Well speaking of getting things done I have to get going!  I am a bit later than usual getting this post up but at least it is still Thursday!  What are you up to this Thursday?

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