Thursday Thoughts

Its that time again to link up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts!

~ Well my little Miss took two steps this week!  I am proud and scared at the same time…she is almost walking!!!  To think in only two months she will be 1, where did the time go?  On that note I got her Birthday dress and she is so cute in it :).  Since I can't slow time down I should probably get started on birthday plans as well.  I can't decide what kind of cake I should make, or what theme to use.  Anybody have some great ideas?
~  If you are ever short on kids toys a water bottle can entertain for an hour ;)

~ It snowed again…no surprise I guess.  We had to dig new paths for the dogs in the backyard.  I am hoping that the warmer weather this weekend melts most of it.  I am done with winter, I just wish it would be done with us.

~ I have not made much progress on my weekly goals (posted earlier this week).  I should probably try to get at least a few of them done today and tomorrow, now to find the motivation!

~ Today is the soft opening of our new men's store in town.  So excited to see how it goes, it really looks great!  We are also going to do an online store to go along with it (that is not done yet).  We are still waiting on a few lines that aren't here yet but what we do have looks good.  Wish us luck :)

Well I guess this is it for now, I can hear Miss Amelia waking up!  What are you up to this Thursday?

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