Week 15 - Playtime

This last week was busy, busy, busy.  Luckily we had the weekend to rest up and recharge.  Today we had a pajama day and she has been playing all morning.  I tried to capture some of these everyday moments this week, including the details like little baby hands.  I love a stylized photo shoot but sometimes these lifestyle shots are the nearest to my heart because they show our real life.  Since I can't freeze time I will do my best to capture some amazing memories!

I love the way this photo turned out!  I used some direct light coming from the window and it is my favorite from this week!

Baby hands <3

Again I was trying to capture her little chubby hands.  I know soon enough they will look so different and grown up!

Playing with her toys.  She is such a little cutie, everything still goes straight to her mouth.

And here is what most of our day looks like.  Reaching...


 And more reaching!  (At least this time it is for her book)

This is a little look at our week.  I am trying to keep coming up with different shots but I seriously cannot wait until it warms up outside.  I am getting sick of always being stuck indoors :(  I am happy I am keeping up with posting weekly and getting out my "big" camera!  

Thank you for following along!

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