Week 11 - Busy Busy Baby

   In an effort to improve my photography skills I am always reading articles and blogs about photography to learn new tricks.  I am always on the lookout for articles pertaining to children since I am mostly photographing my little one, but what they fail to tell you is a baby probably is not going to cooperate.  Miss Amelia is on the move constantly now and has no time to let her mama (me) take pictures of her.  I know the "right" angle to have her turn and the technical aspects but I never have a chance to properly use them since she will not sit still.  One thing I would definitely recommend for children is continuous shooting mode.  Seriously, this is the only way I get nice pictures with things like both eyes open.  I spent the week chasing her around with the camera and though it is always more difficult than I think it will be I did get some nice shots.

"Hey Mom I can help with that camera"

"Seriously I know how to use the camera too!" 

Aww Mickey Mouse is on time for a break.

Pretty sure her thoughts here are "What was that?"  I was practicing using my flash with these ;)

Mmmm cars and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse really makes her morning.

Time for a book break on her activity table.

"Look mom I can stand and watch Mickey at the same time!"

"Good Morning Daddy!"

"Yay time to play with daddy!"

"I said I was done with pictures."

"I will NOT look at you anymore it is time to play."

    What I learned this week is if I want smiling pictures I need another person there with me.  She does not smile at me while I have the camera up but once daddy walked in she was all smiles.  My little sweetie pie is such a cute model!  This week I did practice bouncing my flash with some success.  I also tried using a reflector with not so much success.  For some reason the reflector was at first very scary and then all too interesting.  Once again thank you for following along!

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