Friday's thoughts

~ It has been a little while since I have posted something other than a review or some photos so here it is.  I missed Thursday thoughts again this week (I need to remember them on Wed night since Thursdays are a long day).  So I guess here are Fridays thoughts?  I do not have a snappier title so that will have to do :-)

~ First I want to say my new camera lenses arrived this week!!!  I am beyond excited to really have some time to play around with them.  I have Friday off but I need to get gifts wrapped and the house cleaned (plus I need to go to the store and a few other errands).  I hope I manage to get some of that done even though I just want to play with my camera.

~ Alright this is completely unrelated to anything else in this post but seriously what is wrong with people in the winter?  I KNOW people know where the parking spots are but everyone takes it upon themselves to make up an extra parking space to get closer.

~ Miss A is making some real progress with her crawling.  She is slowly starting to go a couple forwards, so I am sure pretty soon she will be getting into everything.  She is also starting to make sounds that sound like da da (she already says mama and sometimes sounds like mom).  She is just too cute when she babbles!

~ It has been one cold December!  We had one day of 40 degrees on Wed but then Thursday it was right back to 6 degrees and then some snow.  I am not a fan of this freezing cold (or the snow or ice).

~ I got my first VoxBox from Influenster this week!  I have never been picked for one before so I am pretty excited!  Influenster sends boxes of complimentary boxes for people to sample and review.  I will do a whole post on what I received but here is a sneak peak :) #JollyVoxBox

~ I have also been getting lots of complimentary samples to try from Swaggable lately!  If you have never heard do this website I suggest checking it out.  You receive samples and then review them and they send you more!  I love trying new products and have come across a few new ones I really like so far.

~ I am so so excited for Matts family to come to our house this year for Christmas!  I love seeing family and I can't wait to host for once!  I have big plans of a fancy meal and hopefully I can also get this house looking presentable :-). Plus I can't wait to bring Miss A to my grandmas the next day (we have always gone to my grandmas on Christmas Day and nice to continue that tradition).  So much fun planned for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

~ I am super thankful for all the wonderful ladies I work with!  We are all getting together on Sunday and making beefwellingtons for all of our family's together.  I can't wait, it will be so much fun!!

~ I love wrapping presents but I am running out of time and I am getting tempted to just start rounding up some gift bags, seriously it might happen.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and Merry Christmas!

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