Day 4 - Playing with Sophie

Miss Amelia is 6 months old today!  I cant believe how fast that time has gone by.  It has been the greatest blessing to have such a wonderful little girl!  Yesterday I was taking her picture while she was playing with her giraffe Sophie.  I was actually shooting in manual and trying to play with moving my ISO which I have never really played with before.  I did very little editing.  I have cropped it two different ways here and i did not adjust much else.  It is maybe a little overexposed but I was trying to achieve a nice light picture.  I would really like to get some feedback on this picture if you have the time!

1/10  4.5 and ISO 400?  i changed the ISO a few times and can't remember exactly which one this was.
Thanks :)


  1. Hey, I see improvement already!!! Nice exposure! Her eyes looks so blue here! If anything, it may be slightly overexposed, but I feel like that's working for you here. I like the bottom crop better (the full body), but I wish that whatever was in the upper right corner... wasn't there. Beautiful baby! Keep shooting and having fun :D

    1. Yeah that's the back of the chair in the corner but I see what you mean, maybe I could have moved to a different angle.

  2. She is such a doll!! Beautiful shots!!