Day 10 - Who Loves Bananas?!

    Today was just a stay in and relax kind of day.  I have had a headache all day so I didn't use my camera a lot but I did get it out to snap a few pictures of feeding Amelia.  This was her first time tasting bananas and I think we found a winner!  She loves bananas and I have finally found a food she seems to actually enjoy.  In all fairness this is the first fruit I have given her besides avocado so it was probably better than all the veggies I usually give her.  I think tomorrow I am going to give her chunks of banana and see if she can figure out feeding herself.
    The lighting in this photo was throwing me for a loop.  I had opened the shutters thinking it would help to have more light but now I am not sure that was the best move.  The windows behind her are maybe a little distracting?  Again I held a napkin over the flash to soften it a bit.

She looks so surprised, where did all the bananas go?

I threw in a second photo just because she looks so sweet with her fingers in her mouth :)

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