Week 50/52 More Snow

     Are you ready to be surprised?  It snowed again this week.  Not surprised?  Me either :(.  I am afraid winter is here to stay in Minnesota and we are celebrating with lots of snow!  I did take Amelia out to see the snow falling, which she thought was pretty neat.  Most days the wind is way too cold but this particular day was fairly nice so she did alright (still didn't last very long but neither do I).  I will say photos in the snow can be a little tricky and I might need to practice a bit to get the exposure right.  Luckily I was shooting RAW so I was able to correct in post processing.  Now onto the photos, since thats what you are here to see!

She went running out of the garage and then threw me this look to see if I was coming ;).

Her cute new winter boots.

Must touch the snow.

She always takes her mittens off.  I need to find some that will stay on, any ideas?


     Well that is week 50 for you!  I can't believe only two weeks left for the Project 52.  It is really fun to be able to look back and see what we were doing and the improvement in photos as well!  Once again I want to say thank you to the people who are following along :).

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  1. Hi Amanda!

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