47/52 Fall in the Park

     I have made it to week 47 in my Project 52 (formerly a project 365).  I am so happy to have stuck with it even though I didn't keep up with the original daily challenge.  Sometimes you have to adjust and continue on ;).  This last week has been beautiful fall weather so of course we had to go play in the leaves.  I love watching Amelia discover the world around her and she had a blast!

     We crunched through the leaves, threw them in the air, she inspected a few, and we also had to do a quick visit to the swings and the slide.  She had so much fun she did not want to leave (she may have thrown a little fit about leaving).   I am thrilled to be having such a nice fall and am really hoping it continues for a while (or at least through Halloween).  Thanks for following along and I will post more photos next week!

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