Week 41/52 Joshua's First Birthday

     We had a super fun weekend and Saturday started out with the Turkey Day parade.  We have always gone to this parade growing up and it is nice to bring Miss Amelia now.  The parade was pretty chilly though so we left a little early.  Amelia had plenty of parade time before leaving so don't you worry ;).  After the parade we had her cousin Joshua's first birthday party!  It was fun and the birthday boy was so full of smiles!  My pictures this week are from Joshua's birthday party because how could you not share such cute smiles.

     Told you he was a handsome little guy!  I actually had so many pictures of him smiling and having a ball it was hard to pick which ones to edit.  It was a great day, it is always nice to see family.  My goal is to get out a couple times this next week with my camera.  I know I will bring my camera to the orchard and I have a couple other spots I have been eyeing.  I am also hoping to get out to scout some locations for a friend's engagement photos!!  Lots of exciting stuff coming up so be sure to stop back and check it out.  Thanks for following along my Project 52 (formerly Project 365) and I would love to hear what you think!

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