Weekend Recap

 ~ This weekend was hot!  We didn't go on any trips but I did get out for a 5 mile walk on Saturday morning!  I went in the morning but with the humidity, sun, and temperature rising while out I was pretty worn out when I got back home.  We had thought going to the zoo Saturday afternoon but after that walk I was beat and didn't want to drive the hour and a half to get there.  Oh well, the zoo will still be there another day (hopefully one that isn't 90 degrees).

~ Miss Amelia has decided to be a picky pants when it comes to eating.  It's weird though, because she is refusing to eat things she normally loves (eggs, potatoes and bananas have been rejected recently for no reason).  I guess I can't complain since she is still a really good eater most of the time. She did love my barbecues last night, so much so that she licked her plate clean!

~ Amelia has added a new trick to drive her mother crazy this weekend (the first being pulling the garbage out of the can). Now she is OBSESSED with the dog dishes.  Every time we put the water bowls back out she dumps all the water on the floor.  I am now keeping the dishes up and putting them down when the dogs ask and when she is sleeping, it is getting real old quick.  On a brighter note she is also quick to give kisses and hugs, especially if she knows she's in trouble (and how can you stay mad then?).

~ We are making quite a bit of progress with Amelia's dislike for the grass!  She will finally walk in the grass without any prompting!  In the beginning of the summer putting her anywhere near the grass ended with lots of crying, not sure why.  She loves being outside, especially if she can pick up rocks ;).

~ So I have been getting more into painting my nails and I am intrigued by some of the holo polishes.    Some ladies on Facebook were telling me about the enchanted polishes but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a mystery color.  Seeing as I am pretty picky on colors I thought it would be better if I could pick myself.  I am debating trying out the two colors above from Kbshimmer.  I think they are pretty and not too over the top.  I really think the In Bare Form color is gorgeous (the nude color). I may have to try them out.  On that note I also picked out my julep colors as well as a giveaway box (so stay tuned for that)!

   That was our weekend!  What did you do, any big plans?

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