Bluum Nov. 2013 Box Review + Coupon Code

    This is my first Bluum box so I was excited to see what it would bring!  Bluum is a monthly subscription box for kids ages newborn through 5 years old.  Their boxes include full sized items tailored to your child's age with a treat for mom as well.  I love surprises so I jumped at the chance to try Bluum for half off my first month (Reg $24.95) and you can too, just click here.  The boxes always have a value of $40+.  Each month has a theme so the 7 month theme is exploring objects, which is the one I got.  Each month the same theme may have different items but the themes stay the same.  On to what came in my box...

   The first thing I noticed was I am not sure that it sticks with the theme of exploring objects.  It looks more like an eating theme, which is fine since Amelia is now eating baby food.  The box was
also full which is always nice to see.  Bluum sends the information cards to your email instead of
sending in the box so I had already seen what was in my box before it came.  The shipping was slow but it did arrive before the tracking said it would.
Snuggle Bunny Book and Toy Set ($13.00) - This was my favorite item right off the bat.  The bunny is super cute and he stars in this cute little book!  Amelia loves this little bunny and it is nice because as we read the book I can make the bunny hop, kiss, sleep, etc.  This was the one thing I was really excited for in the email and I love it even more in person.  
mOmma Fork ($5.00) - I guess this could kind of go with the exploring objects theme since she can learn what a fork is used for.  I do not have toddler utensils yet so this will be useful.  I am interested to see if we end up liking it because it has a very unique design.

Happy Baby Brown Rice Pudding ($2.00) - This food pouch will get used but this is an interesting flavor.  I guess it is something I would not have tried on my own and who knows maybe Amelia will 
love it.

Bumpkins Starter bib ($4.95) - First I want to say I LOVE these bibs, however I am very disappointed that I received a blue and green crocodile bib for a girl box.  I did email Bluum about this and I am hoping it was a mistake because I think if I would have had a different color I would have really loved this box.  It is the weekend so I have not received a reply yet but I will update this when I do.

Welda Baby Weather Protection Cream ($12.00) - I was not excited to see this product in the email, because I saw it had lanolin and I had heard not to use lanolin with babies.  I did some research though and it looks like the lanolin used in this cream is perfectly fine for babies.  I like Welda products and it says to use on faces in the winter which could be a really good thing!  I tried some on the back of my hand and I really like how it felt so I think I may really like this product if it works this well for Amelia.  This is a great example of how these boxes can introduce you to something you never would have tried.

Luna Carrot Cake Bar ($2.00) - I like carrot cake and this bar is not bad but I do not think I would buy more.  It is a nice touch to include something for moms though!

   All totaled up I came up with a value of $38.95 for my box.  Their website said each box would be worth $40+, which mine is close but not quite.  It is still a really good value since I got half off the $24.95 price, and if you were to order the products online I suppose you would have to include shipping.  If I look at my account online it says I had some baby legs in my box but my email didn't include those so I am not sure if they were missing or not.  Again, I emailed asking about it so I will update later.  At first glance in my email I didn't really like the box, but when I actually opened it up I did really love the bunny, book, and weather cream.  Plus the fork and bib are very practical (if they switch the bib to a girl one I would really love that too).  Again if you are interested in trying Bluum you can try at half off your first month here.

*Update:  After contacting customer service I was sent a really cute replacement bib and some baby legs.  Customer service was very nice to work with and I love the new bib!  The baby legs put the value of the box over the $40 which is an awesome value.

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