Day 1 - My Little Owl

Click It Up A Notch

This is my first project 365, in fact I just got my first DSLR camera about a month ago.  My goal is to learn to use my camera in manual mode.  I hope by making myself practice everyday I will keep learning and end up with many priceless pictures of my little one.  I am just a mom trying to learn to take better pictures.  I would greatly appreciate help and suggestions on improvements if you have he time!  For this project I will be posting pictures from the previous day so I will have time to edit in the evenings.  So today pictures I actually took yesterday.  I did some of these in manual mode but I admit I did switch to sports mode because my little one wouldn't sit still.  I have many more pictures that had lots of blurring.  I don't know how these projects usually go but I have more than one picture today so I hope that's okay :)

Seriously isn't she the cutest little owl ever!  I actually received a lot of compliments on these pictures and while I know they aren't perfect, I know I will treasure them forever.  I think the ones of her in front of the shutters turned out a little better with the extra light on that side of the room.  I didn't use a flash and it was cold and not super sunny outside so finding enough light was a little tough.  Does anyone have some good suggestions for indoor pictures (we live in Minnesota so most of our pictures will be indoor for a while now).  I did my editing on photoshop elements 11, which I am also just learning.  

Well I am super excited to start this project with everyone!  Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment or suggestion!  Also I am working on my Christmas list and I am thinking I want photography stuff, any suggestions on equipment and lenses you found most helpful?


  1. Congrats on your purchase of a DSLR camera - I too am new to photography and making the commitment to a 365 project and will be setting up my blog tonight.
    Your daughter is adorable and I think you are off to a good start. Not bad for a start, keep up the good work. Sorry I can't critique to much as I am also just starting out.

    1. Thanks! I figured this would get me practicing with my camera. You will have to let me know your blog address when you set it up :)

  2. Love the owl costume! I wish i would have thought of something that cute!

  3. Super Sweet! Good Luck on this journey. I just joined up too!